10 Independent Female Musicians To Watch This 2018: Part 1

By: Andres Aguilera

The impact of streaming platforms in the music industry is not a secret. Apps like Spotify and Apple Music has changed the way we consume music, presenting both pros and cons for musicians worldwide.

For independent artists, streaming has opened the possibility to reach a larger demographic without having to compromise creative control or to be signed by a major label.

Independent female musicians have been able to be in charge of their careers, gaining more recognition and respect from male peers, fans, and critics, but it still involves a lot of hustling.

That’s why we took the time to write about women that are making a name for themselves in the music industry on their own terms, to shed a light on their talent and unique perspective.

Here are the first five of 10 Indie Female Musicians you need to hear right now:


Kelsey Byrne, better known as VÉRITÉ, is a New York singer and songwriter who funded her music career with the money she earned as a waitress in Applebee’s.

With three self-released EPs and an LP (Somewhere In Between), VÉRITÉ has developed a sound that is uniquely hers, mixing cascading synths and intricate pop melodies.

What started with tracks like “Heartbeat” and “Strange Enough” unexpectedly blowing up in Hype has allowed VÉRITÉ to become, in her words, “CEO of my own business.”

From paying the publicists to scheduling tours and picking the right collaborators for each song, VÉRITÉ is 100% hands-on when it comes to her project.

Get familiar with VÉRITÉ here.

2) Maddie Ross

At 25 years old, Maddie Ross knows exactly the kind of music she wants to make and doesn’t settle for anything else.

As a fresh voice for the queer community, she hopes to empower more women to self-release their art.

With help from her producer and girlfriend Wolfy, Maddie has created two EPs and a single (the energetic You’re Still My Sugar) combining infectious hooks and shredding guitars.

Together, Maddie and Wolfy funded Sentimental Records, an independent label where, according to Maddie, “there are no rules.”

Maddie is also in charge of artworks for her singles and EPs, flyers and promotional images, combining her passion for both music and graphic design.

Rock out with Maddie Ross here.

3) Alexz Johnson

Canadian singer and actress Alexz Johnson started her career when she was only 13.

Her leading role in Instant Star (a TV show with original songs mostly played by her and written by her brother Brendan) earned Alexz a devoted fanbase and a deal with Capitol Records.

Unfortunately, due to Capitol being sold, a full-length body of work was shelved after Alexz’s contract with the label ended.

However, she went on to release three studio albums and two EPs as an indie artist, with a mixture of soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a timeless sound.

Alexz also embraced technology using Kickstarter to fund a tour in support of her Skipping Stone EP, reaching her goal of $30,000 in the first 24 hours, something she addressed in an interview back in 2012.

Hear Alexz Johnson’s music here.

4) Meg Myers

Meg Myers names Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails as some of her biggest influences, which you can clearly hear in her aggressive, emotional performances.

Meg is not afraid to be vulnerable in her lyrics, with songs like Desire capturing the most destructive side of relationships, while her visuals can be borderline creepy to enhance the vibe of each track.

She found a musical soulmate in producer Andy Rosen (better known as Doctor Rosen Rosen), with whom she’s done two EPs and an album called Sorry.

Meg’s currently working on her second LP, but you can hear some of her dark tales here.

5) Ofelia K

Ofelia K is another indie darling who’s worked with producer Doctor Rosen Rosen to create her sound.

The L.A.-based singer and songwriter’s goal is to take people on a journey with her music, as she described in an interview with PopJustice.

Sonically, Ofelia uses elements of pop, folk, and indie to conjure up an enchanting melodic landscape.

With only two EPs out until now, this is just the beginning of Ofelia’s solo career (she was in a group called Wanderhouse with Doctor Rosen Rosen before)

Let Ofelia take you to another world here.

Do you know any other women in music that we should check out? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for part 2, where we will be talking about other 5 female songwriters that are rocking the scene right now.


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