Got An Awesome Film Idea But Have A Tight Budget? Here are 4 Things You Only Need in Shooting An Indie Film On A Budget

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What does it take to make it big in the industry? When it comes to indie films, it can be quite a daunting task. However, today’s indie filmmakers find themselves stressing too much for the sake of the art and it is all because of the budget involved.

How can a cinematographer capture a beautiful moving picture, in a skillful way, without going overboard with the budget? Here are a few tips and tricks to the trade when it comes to filming an indie movie on a budget.

The four things an indie filmmaker needs to know:

1. The Camera is the most important tool

In order to become a cinematographer, one would need access to a camera. Most high profiled jobs would require high profile equipment. Professionals who have been in the industry suggest that if you are just starting in your career and cannot afford one, finding a friend who is willing to let you borrow their gear can be a great start. In order for an indie filmmaker to get recognized, one has to start somewhere. If one is able to get access to a personal DSLR, that is definitely a much better start.

Cameras are reportedly the most commonly purchased electronics devices, as reported by Indie Film Making.

Most starting cinematographers buy smart by purchasing previous generation camera kits. Caution from experts suggests that a lot of people fall for the latest gear because of all the enhancements. There is most likely only a small difference between this year’s model compared to last year’s.

2. The Lights matter  

The lack of lights will show in a cinematographer’s work. When it comes to the budget, it is suggested that the expenses on lighting should require smart purchasing strategy. When it comes to filming outdoors and in daylight, indie movie makers will need bounces and small detail lights in the shots. When it comes to filming outside but in the evening, then cinematographers have the option for smaller lights that throw in the dark. The only condition here is the availability of power.

Lights are necessary to give the picture life and emotion. Professionals suggest purchasing LED light types for a start.

3. Speaking of Power

Batteries are reportedly the most important. Later on, indie filmmakers are going to upgrade to bigger cameras and the lights will get heavier. Opting for a portable generator can only ruin the sound. Andrew Cant, a contributor from Indie Activity, suggests that rigging up a leisure battery with an inverter can be a huge saving.

4. The Grip Kit is essential

Filming a whole movie by hand can be quite tiresome, according to experts. Camera support equipment are important, as well. Buying the right grip kit smartly is highly important. Indie experts explain that filming handheld is a technique but the audience needs to see stability in the movie as well.

Experts in the field who understand budget concerns suggest a tripod. The production value is said to increase according to one’s preference. Can’t expresses that you can opt for a slider but after that, you do not need anything more.

Do you have these essentials with you now? Grab them and make your film idea come to life!

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