Annabelle: Creation Trailer Not As Scary As The Conjuring 2

annabelle the creation

Just when many think that horror stories are enough to scare everyone out of their skin, the Annabelle: Creation origin horror story may be likely going to scare them out of the theater. Not because it is that hair-raising of a movie. Analysts say that it is not that horror-filled compared to The Conjuring 2.

Annabelle first debuted in The Conjuring before getting its own spin-off route in 2014. Now, here comes Annabelle: Creation. This time it is the origin story of how an inanimate doll was possessed by an evil spirit. The first encounter was with Lorraine (played by Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson). Still grieving after the death of their only daughter, they were tricked into thinking that their daughter’s spirit was the subject. Instead, they were transferring a demon inside a doll.

The horror adventure goes down a paranormal path where the couple tries to undo the evil they have unleashed. According to Slashfilm, the movie is not that frightening. Comparing the Annabelle story to The Conjuring series, the latter had more scare factor. The trailer featured a lot of jump scare scenes but critics indicate that the movie will be a bust in the fright level.  

Movie-goers who have previously seen the first Annabelle movie were reportedly not that impressed. Many fear that the Annabelle: Creation origin story is predicted to not be any better even with actors Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto on board. Directed by David F. Sandberg, the origin story starts off with a grieving couple who lost their daughter. The husband, a dollmaker, created a doll that was possessed by an evil spirit after a group of orphans visited their home.

If there is any lesson to be learned from this, Gizmodo cites that the moral of the story is that little girls should never mess around with creepy looking toys.

Watch the movie for yourself. Annabelle: Creation hits theaters this August 11.

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