“The Dark Tower”: Will It Be The Next Blockbuster Hit

Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” will finally hit the big screen!

This film has been awaited to be the next “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings”. With its enigmatic setting about a mysterious gunslinger in pursuit of saving the universe makes it a perfect example of a blockbuster hit. However, with a whopping $66 million budget, The Dark Tower has grossed $27.2 million worldwide since its theatrical release in the United States on August 4, 2017. And has been receiving a not so good feedback as being “dull and without any set audience”.

Early critics have not been too favorable for this adaptation of King’s book series. Not to mention, the setbacks it had when making it into a film. The efforts adapting The Dark Tower series for the screen took a decade to its final release.

The Dark Tower’s development had experienced starts and stops with multiple film makers, producers, and studios. Its adaptation underwent three major phases of planning before it finally made its debut on the big screen. First, from 2007 to 2009 it was with J.J. Abrams, then, handled by Ron Howard from 2010 to 2015. Until March of 2015, the book series was given its final iteration by Sony Pictures and Media Rights Capital, wherein, Nikolaj Arcel, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind “A Royal Affair,” as the director and Ron Howard remained as the producer.

Nikolaj Arcel, with his Oscar-winning piece “A Royal Affair”, seemed to be the perfect filmmaker in making “The Dark Tower” book series’ adaption. However, according to several sources, Arcel never had a chance to handle such a complicated project before. They added, he was over his head trying to reach the audiences’ expectations for this $66 million fantasy film.

Regardless of the mixed feedbacks from social media on “The Dark Towers”, Sony and MRC said that they were impressed with Arcel’s work. According to Rothman and Wiczyk, they shot the film on time and within the budget, and with the film’s complexity, made it intricate and ambitious. As they pointed it out, audiences of theatrical films want ambition same as the complicated plotting that they enjoy on television. And as important as everyone’s view on “The Dark Towers, the creator, Stephen King gave his praise to Nikolaj Arcel for a job well done.


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