VersusMedia Indie Artist Of The Month: Sam Mason Bell (Trash Arts)

It takes a lot of passion, determination, and will to impact lives through films in order to survive and rise above the dog-eat-dog world of independent filmmaking. That’s why we, at VersusMedia, would like to put the spotlight on these amazing artists, who are making waves in the industry.
This month’s featured indie artist is Sam Mason Bell, founder of Trash Arts, Portsmouth. Let’s get to know his struggles and victories as an indie artist in Portsmouth.

Name: Sam Mason Bell

Company Name: Trash Arts

Location: Portsmouth

I co-run the production company Trash Arts, creating short films, features, web series and documentaries without thinking about budgets.

In what field do you specialize and how long have you been working in that field?

I tend to work in all the fields but my main focus is directing, I’ve been attempting to direct since I was 11 and never gave up trying.

What are the current challenges indie professionals like you experience and how do you go about it?

I try to ignore the usual challenges of budgets and funding, finding ways to still create what we want. This can though still be difficult with others, although Ive taken the mad step of just making films, others still have lives and its finding the flexibility for actors and crew. It helps when working on various projects allowing everyone to still be involved.

What do you think of the current status of the indie industry?

The indie scene is kind of schizophrenic on one hand it works hard together to develop the scene and step away from the mainstream, supporting and championing other indie filmmakers, it also can be horribly aggressively competitive, letting egos flourish instead. This won’t lead to it dying but does me wonder who comes out of the success.

Is there anything about your local indie scene that you think makes it stand out or at least different than other places?

There are some fantastic filmmakers coming out of Portsmouth UK, we have such a wide range of diversity of filmmakers in our legacy from Michael J murphys iconic career to the new student up-comers. Personally, I have found that a lot of different people coming together with the dream of film can make something great, but this isn’t something special about Portsmouth its an ideal most should believe in.

What compels you to continue what you’re doing despite the setbacks and challenges in the indie industry?

For me, filmmaking and Trash Arts is about legacy and not caring about the industry itself. Creating web shows because the ideas there and the people are invested in it. Making feature films on low budgets learning from every mistake and joy of indie filmmaking. I love it too much to stop.

Any tips, advice or words of encouragement to aspiring indie artists?

My advice to others is to just not stop, keep creating, don’t wait for funding, it’s better to make mistakes and learn then get everything you wanted but no real experience. Also, everybody should read Rebel Without A Crew, its essential.

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