Your Quick Guide to Studio Ghibli Film Fest 2017

Studio Ghibli Film Fest heads to theaters in some countries around the world, showcasing their amazingly-weird Japanese animes.

Studio Ghibli Classics in the US

The film fest started last June 2017 in the US with the partnership between Studio Ghibli and Fathom Events. The film fest features the Studio Ghibli classics which include My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Mune, Castle In The Sky, Nausicaa, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. The fest also includes GKIDS Minifest of animated shorts from around the world.

Studio Ghibli’s US Film Fest will be in theaters from June until November of 2017. Check out tickets and film schedules at

Studio Ghibli kicks off in Australia

Marking the start of Studio Ghibli’s biggest anime film showcase in Australia, it kicks off its premiere opening night on August 24, 2017. More than 2000 fans crowded the cinemas for its premier opening night. It will be a month-long showing of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime creations, of which, all 22 titles including the Oscar-winning films My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away are shown in cinemas around Australia.

The opening night in Australia was both fun and magical as the cinemas organized cosplay characters for the fans to enjoy. And of course, each took home a Studio Ghibli poster designed by the award-winning Australian artist, Shaun Tan.

Studio Ghibli’s films are gold

Studio Ghibli has been setting the standards in Japanese Anime for years. And with its amazing and mesmerizing stories, we cannot do anything but to be at awe with each creation. From its first anime film, Castle in the Sky to When Marnie Was There, we were always left speechless on how it has been skillfully shown.

Each and every film depicts a special way on how we should appreciate life, have fun and laugh every once in a while.

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