#Starvecrow – First Ever Selfie Movie Gone Bad

#Starvecrow is a British drama aimed to characterize the face of digital age. It’s the first ever selfie movie that focuses on the darkness of toxic masculinity and the nasty effects of sexualization among young people.

The story revolves around film footages of different people and the twisted love story of Ben and Jess. Ben, a control-freak, charmer, and abuser creeps around people and film their private lives with his phone. When Jess (Ashlie Walker), his on-off girlfriend who just got out of rehab, finally walked out for good, Ben stole her friend’s phones and unleashed a fully edited 84-minute footage of attention-seeking drunks and vulgar behaviors not fit for Snapchat.

Shot mostly by phones, the #Starvecrow gave out a reality tv effect. And with most reality tv shows, it has nothing sensible going on in it other than the series of unpleasant events in each person’s life. The plot is very confusing and with random cutaways being thrown in, does not seem artsy at all.

However, it was apparent that the filmmakers were sincere in creating awareness about the gruesome life living in pain and torture and a nut-job lover.

#Starvecrow can be effective in awakening messed-up minds, for those people who are at lost in their lives, by simply featuring straightforward scenes about how they might end up as they continue their delinquent lifestyle. But if you are looking for a more well-made storyboard with smooth-flowing scenes, then, this is not for you. The scenes made me sick to my stomach due to the dark reality it depicts, but what it left me is total boredom and annoyance.

I must rate this an E for the effort in bringing awareness to the people who are being eaten by greed, power and obsession, and maybe an attempt to revolutionize cinema.

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