Rising Stars: Top 10 Independent Artists to Look Out for in 2018

poppy rose


Author: Ria Loveder

Kareen Lomax


Lomax is a young upcoming artist from Atlanta who will no doubt be making waves in the music industry in 2018.

Her latest track titled “Melatonin” is destined to be a hit on radio stations everywhere. With a soulful, groovy and undeniably cool sounding melody, it is an extremely catchy song that is well written and well produced. Plus, with the combination of guitar, drums, and smooth vocals, “Melatonin” takes a fresh spin on the R&B and dance genre.

The two fantastically well-written songs currently on Spotify show there is no doubt we will hear more refreshing music from Lomax soon.


Poppy Rose


Twenty-year-old Poppy Rose is an alternative Hip-Hop artist who hails from Melbourne.

Her single “Ocean” is a wonderful introduction to the music scene and showcases her raw talent by utilizing her mellow vocals and smooth rap.

It is clear when listening to her music that her strength lies in her storytelling, as she portrays raw emotion effortlessly through captivating lyrics.

By not being afraid to experiment with her music, she has the potential to change the way females are viewed within the Hip-Hop genre.




This French EDM pop artist has sexy vocals and intoxicating melodies down to a fine art.

Effortlessly emotive and fuelled with passion, our only hope is he has more music in the works next year to add to his arsenal of tunes.

His Spotify and Soundcloud accounts are evidence he is a talented musician and producer, with a collection of music that could easily see him being played on radio stations globally and tipping into the mainstream.

Bamboo Smoke


After meeting on a rooftop Lou, a lyricist and vocalist, and Tom, an instrumentalist and producer created Bamboo Smoke, a duo that doesn’t restrict themselves to one genre.

Want music that has a mixture of trip-hop, R&B, smooth jazz and indie folk? Look no further. These two know how to combine soulful lyrics, with surging melodies creating a beautiful ethereal soundscape.

Their collection of music showcases raw, vulnerable, dreamlike melodies that will take you on a journey through the most vibrant and otherworldly parts of your mind.


Jordy Maxwell


After playing his first gig in January, Jordy Maxwell has since played festivals across the globe traveling with his collection of honest and authentic songs.

After being part of Perth’s folk community, he is proving why he has the potential to be an international success with his debut single, ‘Blue Eyes”.

Inspired to create and express himself through music by friends, he has produced a collection of charming and soulful tracks influenced by the ocean and fuelled with nostalgic summer vibes, making us long for those warmer months.


Scarlett Rose


If Alice in Wonderland, a circus, and American singer, Melanie Martinez decided to combine, Spanish born, Scarlett Rose would be the result.

Rose’s music creates a unique otherworldly atmosphere with the perfect balance of classical, working in harmony with modern.

Her tracks are heavily influenced by darkness, magic, witchcraft, sadness, longing, and lust.

The world seems eager to embrace the dreamlike and mystical tonality she has created, as she is gathering a strong social media following

Charlotte Day Wilson


Charlotte Day Wilson is a Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and producer inspired by Motown and Bluegrass.

Her music blends R&B, folk, and jazz, a combination you wouldn’t think complement each other. However, Wilson’s talent as a self-taught producer has arranged them in the best possible way.

Her flair for writing has consistently produced songs of silky smooth vocals, over catchy electronic beats and haunting harmonies.  




When she is not a student studying French Literature and Philosophy, Raffaella is recording music and performing at gigs. Proving to be a rising star, her single Sororicide, is a feisty and sassy song that sounds too cute to be mean.

Inspired by her own college experience, this song is filled to the brim with sarcasm and conflict, and takes on the personality of the eccentric art student making fun of the popular girl at school. The track at first sounds innocent and wholesome but the undertones are stinging and vicious.

With her angelic voice and beautifully written tracks, Raffaella is one to keep a lookout for.


Kelsey Carter


One who is not new to the music scene, but is reinventing herself is Kelsey Carter. With a 2015 album under her belt and featuring on a couple of EDM tracks, she has decided to let her past singing accomplishments lay low and return with a dominant track “Out of Drugs”.

A combination of soul rhythm, blues, and jazz with a catchy pop hook, this song oozes confidence, coolness and power.

Let’s hope Carter decides to bring out music in 2018 filled with the same fieriness, poise, and energy,




An artist who once upon a time was too shy to sing in front of anyone, Chloe Lewer (whose alter ego is known as B O K E H) is the new kid on the block, bringing 80s influenced tracks with electropop vibes.

B O K E H’s music is full of colour and emotion, delving deep into the inner depths of our minds and showing us, the beauty hidden in pain.  

Combining intimate and dreamy soundscapes, B O K E H’s music is a hark back to the awkward loved-up teenager in all of us.

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